1. Zack

    Your face is freaking me out

  2. GIG


  3. Chris

    That’s not natural… wtf is that thing??

  4. barkerman


  5. Samjo

    Pretty impressive to have nipples and not have tits…LOL!

  6. gil

    i realy fail to see why you are posting these censored images if there is no way to see the uncensored version, i hate you

    • chelsea

      there is a link in bright pink letters above the picture that says view NSFW version. i hope you are sterile because we don’t need your children on this earth

  7. Covert Koala

    Yeesh, look at that thing stick out, it’s like a little penis on her boob.

  8. joe

    that nipple is the size of a small penis

  9. EW

    Yeah, gross huge nipples. GROSS.

  10. Phalicy

    Captian Crunch Berries?

    Im totally tired of having to click 3 links to see this shit tho. Step up the game fool.

  11. Nipplez

    The reason her nipples are hard is because she’s at the beach, etc.


  12. Crabby Old Guy

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! If you’re gonna have nipples girls – have NIPPLES. Big. Thick. Erect. Just like me right now! : )

  13. How is that a nice nipple, ok the chick has got a good body, but seriously? That nipple is of nuclear deformation proportions… theres no cutting glass with that distal phalanges poking out, its only eye gouging pain happening. A Hollywood actor could do way better then that, foreplay shouldn’t come with an eye protection warning.

  14. Robin

    She has nice boobs, the nipple however is kinda scarey. You could lose an eye for god sakes

  15. Gene

    The nipples look fine…but why did they cut out the toe?

  16. Gene

    The nips are fine…but why did they cut out the toe?

  17. Los

    reminds me of those national geographic mags back in the day… but with a white girl

  18. Om Noms

    I’m not a fan of these nipples.

  19. Om Noms

    These are not quality nipples.

  20. Hugh Gentry

    I am requesting Katy Perry to do this for us. We need to see some nip along with her beautiful jugs.

  21. yowillie

    Watch your eyes.

  22. Vito

    You’re all missing the point. What about Josh Hartnett? Didn’t he used to be an actor or something?

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