1. Deacon Jones

    If Leo whipped his dick out, Jonah would start blowing it without even being asked

  2. Leo looks pleased with himself, after having melted Brendan Fraser using only the power of his mind.

  3. Colin

    Is it just me or does every picture here look like he’s the guy who got pity invited and tries to shoehorn his way into conversations while everyone else is thinking “oh god not this guy”?

  4. Dom Deluise

    Perhaps Dicaprio can ruin another Yates story. Certainly can’t think of anyone better than Hill to play Lard Ass Platt.

  5. “If you wear a knit tie, or if you’re shorter than me. Those are the Hollywood rules. I didn’t create them, I just enforce them. Now on you knees, Jonah, this limp noodle aint going to suck itself.”

  6. Jenn

    Leo…I love you.
    Wait, what?
    Oh, did I say that out loud? Damn.

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