1. ThisWillHurt

    If you’re such great actors, why can’t you act like you like each other?

    • CrashHell

      One of them is knocking it out of the park and the other is totally phoning it in…Which is which, I leave to you.

  2. You know the peasant saying? If you can’t imagine how neighboring vineyards can produce such different wines put one finger in your woman’s quim and another up her arse, then taste both and stop asking stupid questions… My fingers found both vineyards. At the front, she tasted salt as anchovy and as delicious. At the rear, bitter like chocolate and smelling strangely of tobacco.

    The Last Banquet by Jonathan Grimwood

  3. Swearin

    Let’s be honest, here: Leo thinks this is one of the Make-A-Wish kids

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