1. Aman


  2. Romaana ~ Twitter Name: Romy2330

    Hi Kim. I really hope you read this. I have a 1f year old daughter who absolutely adores you. Since hearing that you are going to be in South Africa soon she’s been trying her best to get close to you. Her only dream is to meet you one day. With you being in South Africa this may be her once in a lifetime opportunity. Her friends call her Kimmy because they all know how much she loves you. She’s been following you on twitter. If you could please just acknowledge her I would be eternally grateful. She is your biggest fan and loves you to bits. Looking forward to you visiting South Africa.

  3. jessims

    Wow! He is very talented, but Kim, you are even more beautiful than this drawing, girl! Take care & have a great christmas:)

  4. mishka

    U R my role model kim!! H0pe I get t0 see u wen u in SA!!! It will b a dream cum tru!

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