1. I can’t deal with her face. She always looks like she’s sucking on a giant, juicy…I know, you’re thinking lemon.

    Penis. I was going to say penis.

  2. Cock Dr

    If you don’t want the attention wear a longer jacket so the paps can’t focus on the straining seams.
    Otherwise we’ll continue to assume that despite your protests you love to strut it all around.

  3. Helena Handbasket

    What’s the male version of “motor-boating?” If there’s not a word for it yet, can we agree to call it Hamm-boning? Brrrr-llbbb-rrrr (imagining face crotch-deep)!!!!

  4. Turrible

    Try wearing some adult-sized pants and some fucking underwear if you don’t want the paps capturing your junk, Hamm.

  5. She is so in on the joke.

  6. Browny

    She’s a very very lucky woman. Ham is HOT

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