1. Anthony

    Isn’t this the size of all penises?

  2. Animal

    I normally wouldn’t post about a penis, but … that’s apparently Jon Hamm’s penis.

  3. Crickette

    Is it flaccid or …hard?

    Either way, me likey. Me wantie weenie.

  4. CK

    Seeing penises is like seeing the Blessed Mother in the grain of wood, or toast. Some people want to see something meaningful, other people just see a thin pair of slacks.

  5. tonawanda

    That’s just funny.

  6. Jentilly

    Being a girl I often wondered, does it just hang out on one side, does it sit in the middle? Now I know!

  7. titfortat

    makes me want a hot dog real bad.

  8. Alexggb

    Wow. All I can say is: I think she should look happier than she does.

  9. Ronaldo

    I hope he was shopping for underwear.

  10. ashley

    Being a girl, does it hurt to have it tugging to one side? I mean it looks squished in some strides.

    • Bobin

      It must. That’s why they’re always touching and adjusting it.

    • Just a guy

      Yes, it can be very uncomfortable. Good underwear is a wonderful thing. Hanging as in these photos is not comfortable — too many things bouncing around and getting caught in the fabric.

    • Zoog

      It totally can. The tip of it is one of the most sensitive part’s on the body…having tight pants can also cause an unwanted (and painful!) erection, lol.

    • Matt

      No it doesn’t hurt, and these guys are babies if they claim it does. It can be uncomfortable to not be secured, and you don’t want to be rubbing against or scraping a zipper, but just hanging to a side doesn’t “hurt”. And as for the comments about the girl not looking happy enough, the dude is showing like 4 1/2 inches there.. Who’s to say he’s a grower, he’s probably a shower. The penis is often in various states of erection/flaccidity. Sometimes you’re half-mast, sometimes you’re tucked inside the turtle shell.

  11. Helena Handbasket

    Om nom nom. Brrrrrb! nom nom.

  12. downwithmuffins

    fish will be so, so sad when checks this pic with his hopes up for a multitude of ”hamm-log’ jokes and sees us all talking about dick placement and the such. jon hamm for the new face of penis awareness! the people have spoken!

  13. Little Tongue

    Do they make bras for penises? He’d need one. Extra support. With undewire.

  14. snarky

    C’mon. Photoshop? Has to be… Otherwise I would expect to see his shins in such detail. Oh, btw, besides someone who needs undies, who is Jon Hamm?


  16. Isabel

    ThereĀ“s only one thing more disgusting than a circumcised penis…having to actually look at his perpetually exposed knob through his freakin pants *vomit*

  17. Coming from an expert, this is absolutely photoshopped.

  18. James

    You are cute Jon. Get rid of the bitch & I’ll suck you into next week. It will be your best orgasm yet & I’ll swallow every drop of your thick load. I am a guy & I want to service you ASAP.

  19. Random

    the shape is to distinct, either he isn’t wearing undies most of the time or he wears loose boxers

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