1. henry hill

    “ahem, yes, your penis called. it’s envious.”

  2. Josephus

    Fifty bucks says the top of FIsh’s head is right below the edge of the photo.

  3. Dr. Turk

    I figured his penis would be able to handle alcohol better…

  4. rantatonne

    “Yah I’m Driving home! What if i get pulled over you ask? Well then ill think of Cristina Hendricks massive bust, get an erection and all the alcohol will go there, then Presto, No alcohol in my system!”

  5. El

    They’re doing a reboot of Monk?

  6. “Hello? Why yes, this is Jon Hamm..ered…haha!” *snort!*

  7. ruby

    This part of him is just not important.

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