1. Johnny P!

    **Hello, you’ve reached the Disney Head Office. Please leave a message after the beep. *beep!*
    Johnny: Yeah, it’s me, Johnny! Tell ‘em you’ve re-cast my role in Pirates of the Caribbean XIV until AFTER the divorce! Then, I want 25 million AND points! Ciao!
    ** Hello, and welcome to the abyss!!! Bwah-ha-haaa! Helena and I are busy with other pursuits right now (screaaaam!), so do leave a message… *beep!*
    Johnny: Hi Tim? It’s Johnny! Cast me in EVERYTHING you direct from now until your deathbed. AFTER the divorce! Got it? Love ya, mate!

  2. Linds

    Id make him my husband unlike the gap tooth french fry

  3. The Most Interesting

    “The answer? Pirates 5: The Strange I Ride.”

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