1. Jay

    yeah yeah yeah, like every other parent doesn’t find something to brag about their kid.

  2. Ryan the Canadian

    Another hairpiece! Anyone nuts enough to wear a wig will believe/make up anything. I mean if this paragraph:

    “This Solo-audited level is the first step a Clear takes toward full OT abilities, and that first step is a fresh causative OT viewpoint of the MEST universe and other beings.”

    makes sense to you, you need to be in a padded room with the following items:

    Clipboard (not held by you)
    Padded Walls
    6 foot chain
    Hanibal Lecter Mask

    Creepy people in Hollywood. I trust Charlie Sheen more than this man though….bit of a stretch but…..

  3. he’s starting to look like Peter Griffin

  4. Yeah but when will the kid be able to take on Mothra? The poor Japanese have been suffering long enough.

  5. Crankybitch

    What happens when they walk away from the cameras? Does Kelly breathe a sigh of relief, taking off her sexy clothes, throw on some sweats and relax while her husband heads to the “spa” for some juicy young men?

  6. bangbang

    wtf he doesn’t look human at all Oo

  7. LM

    Yes I do have the mother-ship parked behind the moon. And we are gonna push the moon close enough to start beaming some of you up for dinner.

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