1. OH Goddammit!

    Now my comment in the main section just looks stupid.

    I’m so stupit!

    *bangs head on desk*

  2. Randy Poundersnooge

    He was a vampire in a SNL sketch where Renfield turned into a bat and banged travoltas in flight tookus. Suddenly I’m realizing that sketch was a Travolta fantasy.

  3. K-Tron

    He’s showing emotion. He must be a Romulan, then.

  4. K-Tron

    Or else he’s just heard there’s an all-male Pon farr.

  5. WTF? Isn’t this man wealthy enough to get proper hair plugs?

  6. StayPuft Overlord

    Johnny Depp looks like he gained a lot of weight/wants cock in his ass for the “Dark Shadows” movie.

  7. He actually looks like a Vulcan

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