1. Hmmm

    I think he looks a lot better without his hair piece.

  2. Dora

    Wow….this looks way better!!!

  3. Ralar

    Get rid of the rug, John! So much better looking without it. Dare I say S-E-X-Y.

  4. StevenX

    Are you kidding? Those pics must be Photoshopped. John Travolta never puts on a false front. Just ask his boyfriend.

  5. zanedy

    Looks SOOO much better without it!!! He needs to quit doing the Nicholas Cage/Charlie Sheen thing of placing a mop on top of their heads, and thinking that it looks good. Looks like a mop! John, nobody cares if you’re bald, or gay!! Come out of the “hair closet” John. (and drag..(no pun intended) Tom Cruise with you.

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