1. John YaYa

    He looks 100% better without the toupe!

  2. Richard

    Finally, John looks like a man and not an inept teenager. Lose the rug John. You’re a silly boy with it, and a HOT man without.

  3. guest1

    Who the fawk wears jeans in Hawaii? Is he cold without a sasquatch on his head?

  4. deemac

    He should do hair-restoration. He does not look good bald at all.
    Bruce Willis should as well. He looks like a really scary oval-head.

    There is nothing wrong with doing this. Matthew Maconahey (sp)…was
    thinning big time and had hair restoration or something done and it looks great.

    BALD is not BEAUTIUFUL!!

  5. Dee Mac

    Hey, it’s me, Dee Mac again, i’m a callous idiot.

  6. tacky

    this is hilarious. next he will be on oprah crying the blues.
    not with all his millions could someday he prevent this.
    this article is so funny, betcha he is fuming.

  7. onthebeach

    he looks a whole lot less gay this way lol

  8. Rimmer

    YUM, barefoot Johnny , nice toes, in a sling.oh my imagination………….

  9. potatoe

    I think John looks great without his hairpiece! This is the opinion of a senior citizen who is old enough to be his mother…and then some…

  10. Thalya Flourishing

    Dude, he looks totally better. He looks like Stephan Seagal, but better.

  11. lalala

    John looks TONS BETTER – healthier happier sexier, more manly!
    I hope this is his coming out!

    who ever that is that commented he should get “work done” is WRONG WRONG WRONG

    let it be John

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