1. joanne

    He is still beautiful! Even more without the “wig”.

  2. Doodlebug

    Someone must’ve told him wigs contain thetans….


  3. Superficial Bitch

    I know most airlines charge a $25 weavage fee, but can’t this dude fly his own plane?

    Soon one of those twins will be looking like cousin IT’s baby so they can make it under the weight limit.

  4. Maria

    He looks just fine that way, leave the wig at home man!

  5. Melanie

    He is gorgeous with or without the hair. And, who is to say that what he believes in is not correct? Life is short — who cares about hair or scientology. Be a good person and enjoy your life now. Apparently, it’s working quite well for him and Kelley. (She looks a little tired though! Babies can do that to “older” moms!!)

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