1. Jeans on the beach? Scientologists are so weird these days…

    • Priscilla

      He’s still the John Travolta so many people love to watch in movies….this just makes him look more like a regular guy and real! good for him for allowing all of us to see him like an average Joe….

    • viv

      I like the look!! It probably fits with some of the cop or mobster type roles that may be coming his way.

    • bonnie

      hair or no hair , he will always be way hot

    • mzgadget

      OMG Leave that family alone. Who cares if he is bald, or what religion he is. Let that family and all celebrities and there families have their own lives. It is not any of our business.
      Who they are on talk shows and who they play in a movie is all the public needs to know. there is just way too much info on people in the public eye. Yes I blame the press, we should know only what they want us to know. THAT IS IT. TMI TMI enough already.

  2. grace

    He looks like Tommy Lee Jones in this photo…

  3. grace

    He looks like Tommy Lee Jones in this photo

  4. Throjo

    I guess coming out as a bald man is a start. Baby steps…

  5. Opps

    Gawd can people stop harassing the man? He’s a nice guy.

    It must get tiresome with all of these freaky people stalking from the bushes, the front porch, the entrance of a building…imagine being photographed all the time…of course they are looking for the photos that look like sh*t too….sad.

  6. KayKay

    Do I look straight yet?

  7. Marco

    He’s pretty creepy!

  8. Allie

    He looks good without the hairpiece. And I second Opps’ comment – he (and many others) should be left alone outside of the Hollywood scene. I can’t imagine what other photos will now surface – maybe Tom Cruise inside a portaloo? Jennifer Aniston having a smear test? How personal can the paparazzi get?

  9. Elizabeth

    He looks fine withouth the hairpiece. Allie, the paparazzi wouldn’t care about catching Tom cruise in the portaloo, they might catch in the bathouse though, I’m sure he spends more time there anyway.

  10. cat

    He is a Thespian caught on his down time.

  11. Julia

    He’s a good, and entertaining, actor. Who cares about his hair, or lack thereof? If he saw them he should have just gotten up and started dancing!

    They go too far with their invasion of privacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Schnitz

    Yeah yeah, privacy and all that. He’s a famous actor; that’s the price you pay. It’s a price most people try to pay thanks to the inter-ma-nets anyway.

    As far as balding goes, on one hand I don’t think he should worry about it anymore. There’s nothing wrong with male-pattern baldness. The most you can do is handle it with grace. (this is speaking as someone who’s grandfather was as bald as a baby’s bottom)

    On the other hand, you know that if he wants work there’s some pressure to maintain his image, though a lot of other actors seem to do fine without full natural turf. . . Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis, Kevin Spacey, etc.

  13. charles martinez

    do you think the church of scientology can give him a full head of hair,????

    • Mysterion

      Yes but only if you give me 10 mil to find out the secret, and if you are rich then 10 bil. Because all real religions require a donation to find out the truth.

      • MarkS

        True Christianity is free. Jesus died for everybody already. What makes it tragic to Him is when people reject a free gift. That’s the rub, as Shakespeare would say.

  14. Linda

    Ya, so? You know what they’ve always said about bald men, they’re more virile than hairy men. Seems to be absolutely true! If they’re bald or balding on top, the parts are working great below. Why waste all those hormones growing hair when it can go to better areas?
    I think he looks great without his hairpiece.

  15. Paula

    He looks great without the hair piece. Just as cute and exactly what a man his age should look like. He is to me more handsome the natural way with thinning hair than the hair piece look. What is wrong with you all. We are all human and aging is part of living. You either get old and gray and bald or you are not here. What is the fuss? We love you Jon!

  16. Martha

    Who cares – leave him alone. He can’t help if his hair has fallen out. My husband of 40 wonderful years has also lost most of his hair and I love him more today than when we got married. An it may be that some jerk has doctored this picture (only one) to make him look bald in order to sale a few pictues and make money.If so, glad i retired from an honest and helpful profession.

  17. DSS

    Looks oddly Photoshopped to me…

  18. Actorealtor

    Still HOT!
    Almost better without a rug.
    Come out, we’re waiting…

  19. James

    He kinda has the John Amos thing going…Remember Good Times? But hey when you still got a million-dollar face, your hair can look how ever.

  20. leslie skoffard

    What most haven’t considered is the people in the photos may be look-alikes used so the real people could have some privacy. That happens alot! Also, even if he did do plugs they would still be “his” real hair; most are made from ones own hair-DNA now days.

  21. maria e. aguigui

    I have liked you since sat night Fever; you are a great actor who always gives his fans their money’s worth. Keep the hair attachments for movies if you need to. Otherwise do as you wish.
    Congratulations and Good Luck with your little son.

  22. Lori

    It’s a fact of life we all get older and things just happen.
    Why can’t the stars get older too?

  23. john

    Bad PhotoShop Job.

  24. woocats

    hair or no hair he still looks good!

  25. kat44301

    You all should be ashamed of your selves….. Making funny of anybody (rich or not ) in wrong. John is an actor and if want to buy this movies then you have a choice but to make fun of anyone because you need a pick up on . Well, you should be ashamed !!!

  26. Cindy

    He looks great either way. Is there no privacy for anyone anymore????!!!!

  27. Rose Beautiful

    He is still gorgeous!

  28. Melissa

    I think he looks a lot better with out the rug my younger brother lost his hair at a young age like my dad did . So now he shaves his head and he looks great so you go John i think you look better now then be for very long time fan.

  29. screagle

    no worse than the extensions beyonce or kim kardshian wear

  30. mar

    So what? bald people are very hot too!

  31. Aids Infected Porn Star

    He’s good looking enough to pull off the Bruce Willis look….if he can manage to find the self esteem for it. Maybe it’s time for another audit. :)

    In the mean time, look at those feet! Damned dirty ape!

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