1. Biff

    Never mind about Travolta being gay. We’ve always known that…cmon. The real question is whether or not the two lovebirds sacrificed their poor autistic son because he was imperfect and to make room for another “perfect” child…

  2. quagmire

    Puhleaze, like no one knew Danny Zuko liked his lightning greased.

  3. brit

    No John, you apply the beard to your chin.

  4. Dick Hell

    Of course I’m straight, if you don’t believe me ask this she-male.

  5. John Travolta

    I personally think if someone thinks they are gay they are fucking brainwashed. But if you all beleive hes gay then you are all fucking brainwashed. Where is your proof? Oh yeah mindless media.Damn thats some solid shit right there.

  6. John Travolta

    Besides dont most of you scum bags now adays think “gay” is ok?

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