1. Douchebaggery aside, John Mayer is a very talented musician. Go ahead and fuck all the world class poon you can while it’s still available to you. YOLO.

  2. Katy Perry is average at best, if it weren’t for the tits, nobody would have given her a second look.

  3. Snuffy

    I swear he must have a magic penis like James Bond or something.

  4. May Johner

    I wish I was a rich douchebag, instead of just a douchebag.

  5. realist

    they look like brother and sister

  6. “Land Rover Encino”. What John, Land Rover – Santa Monica’s not good enough for you? What a pompous ass!

  7. She has a type, that’s for sure. If Russell Brand shaved he’d look just like…John Mayer.

  8. HollywoodOutsider

    Nothing like the scent of burritos and pachouli.

  9. CK

    She obviously has never visited this website.

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