1. StayPuft Overlord

    Sandusky…You missed one.

  2. You’d think someone with a kid would be, if not smart enough, at least emotionally connected enough to realize how fucked up wanting to pose for this picture is. Given the context, it looks like an offering.

  3. *snaps fingers* “Gar-con- one more child please! Oh, nevermind- it’s already here.”

  4. those are some sick parents

    How sick are these two? How would you explain to the child when he learns to read and ask why he has a picture with the child rapist? Some people just should not be allowed to breed.

    • As much as Paterno is a POS, I feel like I should clarify that he isn’t the actual rapist. Just a sick fuck that looked the other way so as to not ruin his legacy (well, THAT worked out…) or rock the moneyboat.

  5. Harry Oreola

    Ok, ready? Say ‘SLEAZE’!

  6. Dagwood

    Enabler? What does that mean anyway? The way you use the word, walking next to a pedie on the sidewalk would make you an enabler. It’s become a meaningless word. Which fits this well, this is a meaningless slideshow.

    And if you believe the Fleece Report proved anything besides Paterno knew of the 98 & 2001 incidents, then you are a birther candidate.

    • Janiece Senn

      So your saying because he only was confronted with the fact that his side kick was raping boys two times he was not such a bad guy? He allowed this pervert to flourish and rape more boys for only 14 years so give him a break because he got teams to win games even if his coworker was raping them and he chose to turn the other way. This is shameful and yes the man enabled the pervert access and immunity for rape. That is fact and he had to face that fact before he died in shame.

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