1. dreamcrusher

    Yup, everything seems to be in order here right where it should be. Almost like she is winking at a friend. This kind of thing will happen when you are buck nekkid.

  2. right

    any bitch that would put herself in that position is a straight up nasty hoe. She won’t get a dime.

    • lolarentyouadorable

      Your understanding of the law is *fascinating*

      Your honor, I think we can all agree that the plaintiff is a ‘nasty hoe’ and thus, undeserving of any further deliberation through the judicial process.


    • deb

      I totally have to agree with you… she is a pig

    • What’s nasty about a hoe? You don’t like gardening or something?

    • bejebus

      i’ll bet you’d look pretty scary in that position, chickless

    • drightone

      When you can feel the hot sun on ya bung hole, yes, you a nasty hoe.

    • Gerard Briggs

      What a mindless show and mindless contestants. She deserves it.
      Oh! And mindless people who watch it. Simple minds do simple things. She should not get anything. the case should never go to court. That’s what’s wrong with our justice system and the reason we have to pay more for the services and insurance. Frivolous law suits.


    • jack taylor

      have you ever seen the show? They blur out the private parts of the naked people. I’m sure she signed something that her privates will not be shown. So she has a very good case. The show “Naked and Afraid” does the same thing. But these folks have to make it in the wilderness with nothing, no food no clothing, nothing for 21 days and get points along the way. I would be pretty upset if I participated in one of these shows thinking my equipment was been blocked out then discover the whole country has seen my johnson. Would sue immediately. She’s got a pretty pssy though.

      • Seenitall

        You must have a small piece bro. Sorry for you. If you have go on a show called naked dating, you shouldn’t be surprised if there are mistakes in editing, which I am sure is covered in her contract. Producers will claim” this was a human error, so sorry it happened but shit happens and we are covered in such cases.” This stupid broad should be laughed out of court.

      • kdizzle

        Yes, but when people make mistakes like that, people get paid. They will settle with her out of court, she will get paid…….

  3. Smartazz

    I can empty her bladder with my other two lips

  4. What a cunt! What an asshole!

  5. right

    She must like it up the ass. Her butthole looks rode hard.

  6. Odbarc

    “Hey, absolute nobody! Get naked and let us record it, we’ll give you money!”
    “Thanks. Now that you had me do everything I expected and paid me for it, I’m going to sue you for doing everything you paid me to do for more money.”

  7. Jesus Christ, is this a hoax? I’m not believing this for a second. VH1 doesn’t still exist does it?

  8. donkey_punch

    Honestly, I can’t tell which one is which.

  9. J-Dizzle

    Should sue her for scarring my eyes with that view

  10. Naked on a beach

    Hey Dummy You wrestled naked on a beach for money. What did you think may happen? Now you’re upset that your privates were shown. Dope! Your Parents must very proud of you. Enjoy your 15 minutes

  11. derp

    Always funny when you’ve seen the snatch open before the mouth

  12. “…and that your honor, is why I’m suing VH1 for $10,000,000.”
    “I’m sorry, Ms. Nizewitz, but that’s not a $10,000,000 pussy. And even if we throw in your asshole, we’re looking at maybe $35.00, tops!”

  13. That is what we call a cooter.

  14. I’m going to hell anyway, so I’m just going to come out and say it.

    This reminds me of the photographs of the naked, starved bodies of dead Holocaust victims piled on top of each other, and her last name reminds me of Auschwitz.

  15. shesnotceleb

    so I’ve made a search for “Jessie Nizewitz” on Google Images. She’s got just 3 pictures on Google!! You know what that means? This girl does not exist as a celebrity. Don’t try to make her one!

    I got more pictures on Google Images than she does.

  16. So she wrestles naked on a beach and is surprised that her ass and vag were sprawled for all to see. This court case is going to go far.

  17. jake

    so that’s what it looks like

  18. Hello,Helloo,Hello00,Hello,Hello0,Hellooo,Hello,Hello,echo,echo,echo,echo,echo,echo, it would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway was she just in a gang gang wow,wow,wow,wow, wow,wow,wow,wow.

  19. Mike Hunt

    It’s all fun & games until something comes along & snatches the scene! \()/

  20. srsly

    wait- you mean… they arent really all blurry????

  21. Doesn’t give me a boner….unless I was the one wrestling her!

  22. Jake

    Anal bleaching

  23. She was on a show called “Dating Naked’ and was filmed wrestling on a beach naked.

    She should sue their asses.

  24. Derek

    Does she have a prolapsed rectum?

  25. She should use part of the settlement to get anal bleaching.

  26. Walk-by

    What kind of crowds and producer would make such an shallow, pervert program? Is this showing the taste and quality of our community?

  27. it’s a nice puss, she should be happy

  28. Steve

    First, she’s done this same pose for drinks at chili’s and a movie. Secondly, I’m sure she would do this all day for a million so 10 million is rediculous. Stop the madness america and tell this nun to go home.

  29. dick thunder brain doctor

    Could you repeat that? There seems to be an echo in here.

  30. Suck It Trebek

    There is good naked and there is bad naked and this is most definitely the bad kind!

  31. yes I would pop that

    That def is one puss that’s seen a few big ones. Just imagine if she was sexually aroused? Reminds me of the movie “Little Shop of Horrors” FEED ME !!! LMFAO

  32. geno

    Seen one ya seen ‘em all.

  33. Flatliner

    Ok, I had to look a full size view and then enlarged it even more…not because I had to but for you know, shits and giggles.

  34. Bruce

    I saw a video the other day showing a big ass grouper swallowing a shark…I think this snapper could do the same to the grouper.

  35. Skull

    I’d eat a mile of her sh*t just to get to her a88hole.

  36. Gregg

    Look how her toes are curling under, the sure sign that she is getting off, about to c-m. I think she is upset because she didn’t finish!

  37. She is naked, on a show called Dating Naked, wrestling with a man,
    not her boyfriend, who is also naked, and she’s upset because people can see’
    her “Lady Parts”. Ok lady you have had your 5 minutes of fame.
    deal with it

    • DrSmithWill

      No she is upset that her nice jewish catch of a husband left her after he watched the show. I don’t think it was the unblur that made him get up and leave. I think it was all the fun she had with another far better looking naked man.

      Judge, tell her to pay up any and all lawyers fees up to this point and fine her an additional $100 and give it to Make A Wish Foundation. Grab a leg and make a wish.

    • People keep forgetting that the contract said that her lady parts would be blurred. Human error, but guilty, nonetheless.

  38. Louis Armstrong

    Nice anus!

  39. donal

    that reminds me i left the garage door open

  40. wh

    looks like a full moon at the crack of dawn

  41. henry

    The word “gaping” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  42. Dudlyd

    Lets do he math: She figues that at $10,000,00 if 200,000 people saw her crotch at $50.00 each, it would be the fair market rate. Wonder how much that well used coin slot had made before the VH1 “showing”?

  43. big perm

    fuck her right in the pussy

  44. phg711

    Don’t you have to be a “Lady” to have “ladyparts” ? Rolling around totaly naked in the mud in front of an entire production crew, and anybody else within eyesight, wrapped around a total stranger after you let him rub mud on your tits (lead-in picture) seems like reasonable way to ensure the guy your dating will call you back.

  45. Warhol

    In the fuure, everyone will know what everyone else looks like naked.

  46. Warhol

    In the future, everyone will know what everyone else looks like naked.

  47. skank hunter

    My cat likes her, he likes skanks.

  48. How old is she? That thing looks like a worn out catcher’s mitt. :)

  49. joblo

    For the record, the external female genitalia is correctly called the vulva. The vagina is internal, going from there to the cervix.

  50. I think she winked at me

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