1. xtuna

    weird body shape here

  2. Erka

    Still not understanding the whole nipple thing. They’re like nonexistent???

    • It’s easier to understand if the headline was “…wearing nothing but paint, and photoshop”.

      Yes, they cover her in paint, but also use photoshop to erase the pasties over her nipples.

  3. Jenny

    Looks like she is sucking it in in this shot.

  4. Is there a reason why the only picture that shows anything interesting is the only one that’s blurry as shit?

  5. Cindy

    at least her boobs aren’t sagging like the other Ashley’s were

  6. Body paint doesn’t count if you wear nipple patches…fucking amateurs.

  7. Simon

    What’s with that mutant ear on picture #5 of 8???

  8. Dave

    She’s so nude that she’s not even wearing an ass!

  9. jr

    How come every girls feels the need to be naked? I like naked but damned! Don’t girls feel they can do anything but be ho’s.

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