1. Recognize

    FFS – shes just had a baby – leave the girl alone!!!

    • A baby what?? Hippo?

    • jen

      she is big – and i’m a women who gained 127 lbs when i was pregnant on top of my normal weight of 180lbs, and i lost it all!!!she is in the spotlight by choice and she should lose the wieght but not for $ but for health reasons!!!!

  2. jj

    Id love for men to go through having a child and see the amount of work it takes to rid yourself of the baby weight. Not everyone gains the same amount during pregnancy. The poor woman. Atleast she is going to the gym to try to get rid of it. Poking fun at a post-pregnant woman is like kicking an animal when its down. Its absolutely pathetic. I’m sure you would’t say the same of your mother after she gave birth to you, or your sister, or even your girlfriend or wife.

    • GAINED 25lbs and LOST IT ALL

      spoken like a true fat chick.

      • spacetime

        Yes, because biology gave us all identical bodies and every woman experiences the same amount of weight gain during pregnancy and the exact same amount of work to lose that weight.

      • Julie

        You’re an idiot. Good for you that you only gained 25lbs and you lost it all. Sounds like you lost some brain cells along with the fat cells.

  3. Tiara

    Meh…shes not THAT fat..

  4. winternz

    I agree with (jj) she has a post pregnancy body , if people don’t like it don’t look at her.. leave her be and let her enjoy her baby and her hubby :)

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