1. flaT

    Mother of God – those melons are bigger than my torso.

  2. Deacon Jones

    She looks so …..happy.

    Something tells me the weekend maid at Weight Watchers’ corporate headquarters is going to stumble into the board room one evening to fined they all went out Heaven’s Gate-style for signing this banshee.

  3. We’re well past motorboating. I wanna yacht those.

  4. Rambone

    She looks confused… like a reanimated buffalo.

  5. Vanessa Minnillo

    Someone forgot to tell her black is only slimming when you’re not already fat

  6. Chyn

    Wow, the woman just had a baby. Let her be already.

    • Jess

      Yes, and a baby is about 7-10lbs.
      Not the extra 50-60 lbs that she’s carrying.
      Just because you’re pregnant, that doesn’t give you the excuse to let yourself go THAT badly.

  7. dannyboycane13

    She’s big as a bear! Grrrrrrr, bad bear.

  8. Cardiff Giant

    “So that’s what postpartum depression looks like.”

  9. Cardiff Giant

    Considering the baby was only 7 pounds 12,800 ounces, she looks pretty good.

  10. She’s paying the price for gorging herself during her pregnancy.I know pregnant women have their cravings, but indulging those cravings have a price.

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