1. joe

    Looks like she’s enjoying 4-20.

  2. That’s actually the baby’s foot that’s just broken through her abdomen.

  3. Let’s pretend she’s not pregnant for a second so I can get this off my chest. When I see people with their bare fucking feet on dashboards or any part of the vehicle apart from the FLOOR (and at that put on some god damn shoes you’re a cobbler FFS), I develop a compulsion to beat them senseless. It’s not comfortable (especially not for someone who is 2 years pregnant – did she slide the seat all the way back in to the vehicle behind her?). It’s unsafe and it’s GROSS. I can’t look at this picture any more. It makes me not like her. And I do.

  4. Tricky Fish

    If her mom was five minutes later with the takeout, she’d come back to a recently amputated Jessica, the only tell tale sign being the barbeque sauce slathered from mid-calf to stump.

  5. Is she seriously SMOKING? Not much more this woman can do to endanger that child’s health at this point.

  6. I think it’s entirely possible she’s no longer pregnant because based off of this picture alone…
    How the fuck did she manage to get her feet up on the dashboard sitting so close to it??? If she’s still pregnant, there’s just no way for her to physically lift her leg up without her stomach bursting from the pressure. She’s been hiding away for the last 3 weeks because her body is most likely destroyed from giving birth to a 20 lb baby.

  7. gagirl

    I agree 100% with Issa. When I saw this pic the very first thing that came to mind was no way in hell would she be able to have her country-ass foot propped up on the dash. There’s just no way. This bitch has given birth and is waiting for a slow news day to announce it. Oh and by the way, the LAST place she needs to be is Chili’s.

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