1. So, do all of you people who think this woman is fat, and love to make fun of her – do you all have issues with her because you are gay, and totally in love with the super skinny 15 year old boy type females? Do you also hate her because she is openly Republican, and you are all Libtards?

    • Baaaa

      No Sir. She’s just fat.

    • CJ

      I’m not making fun, she is overweight which is not healthy. She is also in the public eye so that is automatically going to bring extra scrutiny. It is truly sad when here in America being practically obese has become the norm and being a healthy weight is considered unnatural or something! I have taken shit from complete strangers all my life for being naturally “skinny” and that’s ok? Don’t dare tell someone they could stand to lose a few pounds though or there could be a riot! You’re certainly one to talk about people having issues with someone when you call anyone who doesn’t share your view gay, 15 year old boy loving, libtards.

  2. Mg

    Looks stunning!

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