1. rantatonne

    Does someone just follow her around and preemptively put those “ROAD WORK AHEAD” signs behind her?

  2. Ell

    Does anyone else look at her torso and see Magcargo?

  3. I’d be squinting too if I were facing something so obviously about to explode into a gooey shower of fetuses, placenta, and Little Debbie Snack Treats.

  4. Weaselmouse

    Man are her tits preggers or what.

  5. ktulu

    She’s Gonna Blow!!!!!

    someone had to get that outta the way

  6. Can

    Bitch, hold these bags. You’re makin me look fat.

  7. Elle

    Every time i see pregnant Jess I think it’s Kirstie Alley on a good day

  8. God is Black

    Seriously the girlfriend is laughing at her like I am right?

  9. Tillman

    “No, it’s really slimming. Really! And who would’ve known Saks Fifth Avenue had a tent and awning section anyway? I know, right?”

  10. Tillman

    “Jenkins, stop that woman, she’s shoplifting that orange sofa! Oh, wait… my bad.”

  11. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Why are these old photos of Anna Nicole Smith popping up again?

  12. Meh

    At least her feet aren’t swollen.

  13. Jeez! She looks like she is ready to pop with triplets!!! For one, that dress does nothing for her, makes her look even bigger and her boobs melon size! For two, someone has been eating for 4! LMAO!

  14. John

    Maybe some of us like Jessica Phat/Thick.

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