1. Cant Fap To This

    Almost saw the tits.

  2. Has she always had that “thing” by her eye???

  3. The Rim Gaper

    more disturbing than the mask is that boil under her eye…wow, pregnancy has really effed her up

  4. AT

    That’s not Jessica Simpson. That’s her old assistant Cacee Cobb.

  5. goin

    that doesn’t look like a penis and that doest look like jessica either (no tits)

  6. schnooker

    That’s clearly not Jessica, if it was those chin-balls would be comfortably resting on her tit-shelf.

  7. catapostrophe

    Time for a correction, since that’s obviously not Jessica Simpson.

  8. Sir Prize

    That’s not Jessica Simpson it’s Owen Wilson.

  9. Gucci Oni

    I’d pay Jessica Simpson $25 to do a bukkake movie. That’s easy money for a pregnant girl nobody wants to look at

  10. Is this another one of the “Snookie with no makeup” pictures?

  11. jeffiner

    that eye mole belongs to cacee cobb and jessicas boobs are way bigger

  12. catapostrophe

    The title of this story is purposefully misleading. Why?

  13. Ok, that’s just not right!

  14. If that’s a penis mask, then it’s the stubbiest penis ever….I mean, the balls are almost attached to the head!

    It’s just not right!

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