1. TooCoo

    That baby is the perfect excuse to take her butter gun out on the town!

  2. stucco

    And after she lost that 35 pounds she wiped. She prefers charmin double ply.

  3. CK

    It was her luggage at LAX that was lost, right? That sounds about right. 35 lbs? Yup.

  4. Essi

    I smell colonic.

  5. Samie

    The picture of her in the black coming out of the suv isnt even her…its a lookalike paid to b jess so paparazzi think its her and say oh shes so fat meanwhile shes been working out like crazy so she can say she lost weight fast..ha Ihave had 3 kids and IM 3 months post partum c section and im back to my pre baby weight, flat stomach and all…its not hard, those who dont bounce back dont try hard enough.

  6. She really lost it…and then found it right back on her thighs.

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Jessica Simpson has lost 35 pounds, but unfortunately for the world, it is now reported that Jessica is actively looking for them.

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