1. JAKIS

    My sister thinks Jessica Simpson is her celebrity look-alike and seeing this picture has me starting to agree.

  2. Anon

    So there will be the usual comments about weight from the usual 12 year olds here….but “dudes”….try having a kid. Some women get big. Whatever.

  3. Well so what? She was pregnant and gained weight….that’s what’s supposed to happen!

    • Yeah, no shit! This post has really brought out all of the assholes today. It might be interesting to find out how many of the naysayers have either been through a pregnancy of their own or of their spouse. Fucking dumbells!

  4. Offer

    They say it’s baby weight, but dang how many babies did she have. A dozen.

  5. Dear people, you should only gain about 30lbs when pregnant. She gained 80lbs. It’s not baby weight or hormones, it’s called eating like a whale with a t-rex as a parasitic twin.


      She gained the weight. It’s a done deal. Now all she can do is her best to get back to fightin’ weight. And you know what else?…that’s all on the outside. Internally I’m sure she’s still a doll.

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