1. Asslover

    No comment on the girl with the hitler mustache in the background…WTF!!

  2. Hugh Gentry

    I’ll nail her fat ass

  3. IKE

    Heck, I’d put a baby in there!!

  4. bob

    nice mustache

  5. Barney

    Gawd love the hipsters and their cute tattoos…and all this time we thought Hitler was in Brazil when in fact he was really in the entoruage of some silly cow of a Floridian….and you have to love the Bismarck stache on the index finger of the other inbred in the blue dress.

  6. CG

    WTF – that chic is funny as fuck

    Side note – She looks good even packing it on. I’d it that HARD then I’d hit it again. Smokin’

  7. Bateman

    Dam… I’d love to blow my wad all over her face.

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