1. Cock Dr

    Her face is less puffy. I think she’s lost a few, and is looking better. Kinda cute.
    The trainer is probably flogging her hard. Keep up the good work; get back that TX heat.
    A woman can get very motivated by a wedding dress.

  2. Ismoss

    Are you kidding me?! She wearing fucking leggings and no one could get a picture of her from behind so we could look at that fat ass?

  3. jenn

    she’s not even fat? are you people crazy. sure she’s curvy, like actual curves not just a size 5. she has a completely normal body. of course it’s not like before but she was 19 then. like wtf do you expect? she’s a women not a fucking super hero.

  4. Tammy

    Well I wish I was as ugly and fat as she is. She is actually beautiful with no makeup. For all those who call her fat – would love to see what u look like.

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