1. The Dude

    WTF? Scary.
    Emmy award though for being able to do duck lips while holding your breath and waist in.

  2. buzz

    Only time she ever looked good is during the Dukes of Hazzard time period.

    Now that she’s back to being fit, she aging horribly.

    Hard to believe she’s only in her early 30′s.

    • Of course she’s aging. Horribly? Nahhh…just aging — like every other being in creation, you fucking nimrod!

    • The difference between Young-Fit and Old-Fit when it comes to women.

      Young-Fit is toned but smooth and soft.

      Old-Fit is hard and angular and more masculine looking.

      • …i hate to say it, but there’s something to that …she’s lost the natural lines/contours she once had, and it’s been replaced by that flat, drawn look females get when they diet too restrictively and cardio way too much …i truly did prefer her in her per-prgnancy thickness.

  3. steel murkin

    When did she go blind?

  4. Remember back when she was Daisy Duke smoking hot? Pepperidge Farm remembers. And they accept their share of the blame

  5. I see that Fish did not comment on Santa Barbara killings, because where would his website be if he didn’t make a full time living off of objectifying women and their bodies (and he normally always has an opinion about a national tragedy)? If his whole life existence and his financial well-being was contingent upon his misogynistic view of how a woman’s body should look-whether they’re too skinny one week or too fat another, how their legs, their butts, their faces, and every aspect of their physical body should look (to him, if not the whole world, right?)?
    You keep preaching, Fish. Hopefully your appraisal of duck lips, and skinny legs provides a lullaby of sorts for you at night to keep you from going and shooting up a bunch of women who don’t match your standards (who incidentally, just like the killer Elliot Rodger, would probably not touch you with a 10 ft pole). We feel your physical neglect and loneliness, we really do.

    • First you seem irritated because Fish didn’t comment on the tragedy in Santa Barbara, then you seem irritated that he didn’t write some misogynistic rant against women. Seems like you’re just plain irritated. Go away until you’re UN-irritated.

      • Most of his posts are misogynistic rants against women, including this one. I remember the days where he was bashing Simpson for being too fat and now her legs are “dead”. It’s funny until it just stops being. And I think I’m on the entirely ‘right’ site to call out how awful all of these sites actually are.

    • Oh, fuck off. You’re on the wrong site. It’s a comical, bash-the-celebrities vent site. It’s hilarious. We love it here. You apparently don’t get it.

    • So evalina drank the feminist kool-aid that Elliot Rodger was a misogynist and his actions are indicative of society’s view of women as a whole. I bet “she” visited a few Men’s rights sites to call them misogynists because her feminist overlords told her they were and anybody who disagrees with women on anything must be misogynist.

      Nevermind the fact that Elliot killed more men than women, never mind the fact that he wasn’t an MRA or even a PUA just focus on the minority of women he killed because he was a frustrated virgin. Feminists aren’t going to let a little thing like facts fuck up their hysterical ramblings.

      Things like this is why I say feminists are disgusting. Feminism has become a hate movement. Hatred and demonization is their business. That they would attribute this horrible act of violence on the Men’s rights movement shows their level of desperation to find something, anything, they can pin of the MRM to discredit them. If you can’t beat them intellectually, just lie and smear the shit out of them, right?

      This is obviously a misogyny issue, right? Not a gun control issue? Or a mental health issue? He had a problem with women and that cannot be tolerated.

      Fuck you, evalina2004. Grow a sense of humour and take your feminist bullshit to the echo chambers of Jezebel or Salon or the many other sites where women gather to stroke each other off about how bad they have it.

      • *Yawn* You posted that article after I posted my comment. Make the issue about gun control all you want to redirect the attention away from the fact that you have, essentially, created a website mocking women (and treating celebrities, especially women) as if they are subhuman. We can joke and dance around the issue if you like, but that inherent aspect in American culture (along with abhorrent gun control policies) create these monstrosities, create little boys who hate girls, create little girls who hate themselves, create vile. I have been reading this site for years, and once upon a time I thought it was funny but I just don’t find it funny anymore. It just hurts my stomach.

      • I’m an atheist but….you have a good day, fish.

      • The truth is that many issues in this country need to be addressed- mental health, horribly lax gun control laws among them. But we kid ourselves if we think that the way women are portrayed in public media (including the internet) does not affect and shape the minds of all-especially the young. We’ve got to do better. And I bring up this particular issue because this is what this site is dedicated to.

      • Yes, quote what must be one of the most stupid, rambling pieces of brain-damaged lefty college geek bullshit ever seen on this site.
        You spent more time polishing the “hate Sarah Palin” pole than you did commenting on the latest Democrat loser gun-waving lunatic.

  6. The sad thing is that Fish and Photo Boy are fully aware of how awful their website actually is. I don’t know if that makes their ‘superficial’ ramblings better or worse.

  7. Jaime

    She doesn’t look good in the picture because she has small hips and wide shoulders.

    The bathing suit doesn’t help either.

    I bet she looks insane from the back.

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