1. Douglas Morrison

    “… Genuinely reminded me how America kicks ass sometimes”. Seriously, you can make funny comments against anyone wanting fame all day long. However, when you do your best First Lady Obama impersonation, finally proud to be an American you will have issues. America always is the best! You should issue a retraction and apology immediately.

  2. Cock Dr

    What a great photo. How I would love to have that gun mounted in a turret on top of our house. The squirrels would never bother the birdfeeder again.
    Now, where can I get a pair of suede army green boots with 4 inch spike heels like that?
    For veterans day, of course.

  3. Jon H

    Your tax dollars at work. .50 caliber rounds ain’t cheap.

    • friendlystoner

      considering the US military accounts for half the worlds militray spending i doubt it`ll make much difference for daisy to fire off a few .50 cal rounds, especially as the bulk buy unit price the US military will be getting will be tiny. if it improves moral (even if its just on that ship) then you could say its worth every penny.

  4. pooter

    wouldn’t it be funny if a hot one went down her boot

  5. Christine O'Donnell

    I am not a witch!

  6. nasty_mike

    @Douglas – “America is always the best”? China owns you, you’re pouring billions into unwinnable wars, Obama’s a disappointment and the idiotic Tea Party is on the rise. You have some strange concept of ‘best’ there. In contect, Jessica Simpson operating heavy weaponry IS kick-arse.

    • KIng Dong Jim

      mike…sshhhh…don’t confuse the flag waving American with basic facts that his country it literally owned by China, most of them don’t know how much there dollar debt to China is..best not to scare them…

  7. Willy Wonka

    I’d be more impressed if she was able to deep throat the barrel…

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