1. Ollie

    For size reference, that phone attached to her top has a 4 inch screen.

    Also her glasses are retarded and her forehead and cheeks look all puffed up.

  2. The problem is those big boobs are now served with a side of fat ass!

  3. vandal

    Wow! How big must her eyes be? Look at the size of the glasses, they must be huge! SHE’S A HUMAN FLY! Or a cunt for thinking she looks ace in them things.

  4. mopmonkey

    I love cleavage-cam…sigh…

  5. justsayin

    After having two babies, my chest was same size. Each tit would fill & overflow a guys ballcap. Breast reduction removed 1800 grams from each side, leaving a full D still. I feel for her. Not easy lugging those things around.

  6. Pdubs

    Is that a restaurant pager for the next table at Chili’s trapped between her boobs?

  7. Feral B

    …ok dad, but I still don’t know why you make me put the phone there when you call me… Hmmmm, Doritos.

  8. Why the fuck do female celebs like to wear those fucking ugly ginormous shades?

  9. Joney Baloney

    nice boob viens

  10. lahope

    I saw her in person once at a charity gala where she was absolutely stunning in an emerald green gown. I can’t believe this is the same woman.

  11. Scott

    Don’t care. AWESOME tits.

  12. Matt

    If your boobs are so big that they have the hideous blue vein, they’re not big, you’re just really fat. And yeah, we’ll still hate-bang you, but that’s gonna be about it.

  13. smadgie

    Pregnancy did NOT agree with her. She needs to stop wearing the tight clothes and hide out till she deflates. It takes the better part of a year to make a baby and it also takes that much time for an average woman to regain a decent figure. I know I know some women do it with in weeks but she clearly isn’t one of them. I agree with some others comments…it’s hard to believe shes the same girl.

  14. Joe VS the Volcanoes

    A wise man once said, “You can’t cover those suckers up!”

  15. c.l.c.girl

    i’m so sorry for her :( she must be feeling so awful knowing that everyone is making fun of her weight problems,I don’t really like her but i just feel sorry for her….

  16. bd5671

    OMG! Can I be your ringtone, Jessica?

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