1. Cock Dr

    Because looking hot as hell in a pink bikini has nothing on chugging beer & eating corn dogs all the live long day….and even as big as a manatee she still pulls in a monster paycheck. Well done big blondie!
    The sister is now the hot one but Jess got the cash.

  2. Mr. Cheese

    This was Jessica at her peak – never to be reached again. A perfect female specimen. Nick Lachey had that – the lucky bastard.

  3. kimmykimkim

    I can’t believe we live in a world where this once happened. It seems surreal looking at these pictures.

  4. Ash

    In that dukes music video at the end when she’s in that bikini washing the car… One of the most curvy beautiful bodies I’ve ever seen.

  5. lily

    she could probably get there again, or close. kate hudson gained 80 pounds in her pregnancy and got a great body back.

    she could, but I doubt she will.

  6. Brooke

    It’s such a mindfuck to me that, five years ago, I used to watch Jessica Simpson videos as part of my diet scheme to guilt/hate myself into losing weight. I jokingly said that someday I would look better than Jessica Simpson, but holy shit I never thought that day would actually come, you know? Same with Britney, for that matter…

  7. Tim

    I miss those beautiful ribs.

  8. YTBOY

    She should hang this picture on the frig for inspiration!!

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