1. Fuckcicle

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for an ether soaked rag and a tube of KY…

  2. That butt is so fine it can distract from the fact that the rest of her is on the same level of insane flawlessness. This woman needs an Oscar. Never mind the category, just give her a fucking Oscar already. I’m sure she just cured me from something I was going to catch 20 years from now.

  3. Joe Mahma

    BEHOLD! The ass of asses. The ass of asses to come. The greatest ass ever revealed in the history of the modern world. And lo, it is but an ass most resplendent its form, in its symmetry, in its shear perfection. Surely the Gods weep for creating an ass of such resounding beauty and resiliance.

  4. Kojak

    Legs 10 of 10
    Belly and waiste, also 10.
    Arms, not too muscle, elegant, 9,5.
    Gorgeous and firm tities, 11 of 10!
    The most perfect butt in the world: 117 of 10!

  5. Send this photo to congress.
    We need to get the human cloning project started Today.

  6. Wayne Rush

    She should give Aubrey O’day bikini advice

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