1. Deacon Jones

    Oh fuck YES!

    You just made my fucking day.

  2. Urall Fhags

    VERY high levels of chafe-risk in this photograph. Gentlemen, you’ve been warned.

  3. Gin&Tonic

    dear Jessica, I hate to see you go but damned if don’t love to watch you leave!

  4. Mr. Poop

    Mr. Poop approves

  5. ds78


  6. Even under intense zoomage, it’s still completely flawless…….

  7. Pine Table Fever

    Ladies and gentlemen. That is an ass.

  8. meaty ass, good for me, good for u

  9. Cock Dr

    Here’s a clue why JT came back to this woman like a boomerang bearing engagement ring.

  10. Mac

    It’s summertime – the season for planned beach photo ops and photo shop pics for those with dead careers. You think these are candid and real? Stupid gross guys read this site.

    • Who gives a shit whether or not these are candid shots? Just because a photo is posed doesn’t mean the subject is less attractive. You sound like an angry person. Please check on your meds.

    • Quijibo

      Shut it, fatty.

    • KakaKuku

      Hahaha, I’m a girl and I’ll admit – I’m jealous of Jessica’s body but in NO WAY are these pics photoshopped. Stop denying that Jessica has a close to perfect ass, and get YOUR ass to the gym.

  11. LJ

    This is the picture that Weight Watchers has in it’s mind for the “rear profile” for Jessica Simpson for the $3 million they paying her.

  12. I’m not prone to see Jesus’ face on waffles or the shape of the Virgin Mary in a stain on the wall, but I know what I’m looking at now, and what I’m looking at is God. Butt. Godbutt.

  13. blahahahah


  14. Yatz


  15. anonym

    nice ass and thighs.

    but i hate when jessica gets too cut and buff.

    i prefer the softer juicier ass of leighton meester

  16. Joe Mahma

    BEHOLD! The Ass of Asses! Rejoice at its perfection. And lo, all should marvel at its splendor and beauty and symmetry.

  17. Throjo

    Not pictured- Poseidon rearing up from the deep to SMACK DAT ASS.

  18. Luci Fehrman


  19. …and now I’m a lesbian.

  20. Moe

    That’s motor boating material

  21. KakaKuku

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I’m getting my ass to the gym, right now.’s.type.of.ass.

  22. Johnny

    Now that is what an ass is supposed to look like. U jealous Kardooshian?

  23. Fucking perfection.

  24. Hannah

    I have a similar ass to this but my bf doesn’t care because he’s only into boobs :*(.

  25. lily

    I adore this woman she is my #1 girl crush. Her body is my absolute favorite of all time and her face is beautiful. She is curvy, strong, and athletic. dat assssssssss!

  26. doood

    it is truly majestic

  27. Nahbro

    All is well so long as she doesn’t turn around and show us her horse face.

  28. Justin

    Holly Gregory

  29. Dr. Ike

    Now that’s an asshole worthy of plenty of licking and later banging.

  30. T-Bone

    There’s something about her face. Great body but her face distracts from it. If I am being honest I would rather play with her anus than kiss her.

  31. fashionadviser

    I want to see her turd cutter.

  32. Penny

    I’d pay to watch a video of her putting random household objects in and out of her asshole.

  33. Tony Engle

    Jessica I have always just loved seeing you I would make love to you for hours. Tony

  34. Jean Deaux

    Wish i could get a life-size poster of that booty shot so I could sniff it everyday for good luck. sniffworthy

  35. JR

    I’d even be willing to give her a high quality rimjob right after she finished working out at the gym.

  36. MrBD

    I would have to put my finger in jessica biel’s ass its so sexy!

  37. ¡THAT IS A PERFECT ASS ! eat you heart out Kim Kardashian

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