1. fvalen001

    first…oh and…nice butt. :D

  2. Fuckcicle

    Ah yes. The ever so gently choreographed Prancing-Around-The-Surf-In-Hawaii shots. God love ‘em. This girl has finally replaced Kelly Brook as “THE ONE.”

  3. don

    Truly the girl next door look that any wants to wake up next to. Daaayymmnn sheees fine.

  4. Sam

    If this be paparazzi, then the photographer should then be declared King of all Paparazzi, and at paparazzi school they should toss out everything and just use these. Go make more..just like these. And as for Jessica, I don’t care what her motivations or purpose. I just want her to do this every single day. It could be her job..nations would stop with the violence and instead spend there day taking in that spectacular ass!! Why, a man of Greece might spend the better part of a decade besieging a rival city to reclaim a woman with an ass like that..

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