1. one legged

    how is it that no one comments that “she s on sale now”
    that means she is selling sex a bit cheaper than usual

  2. Nichole

    She’s got zero cellulite!

    • v-tard

      nah, it’s all about the right poses, getting the muscles to flex and smooth out any problem areas like water in a balloon. never taking pictures from her “bad side”.

      oh and Photoshop.

  3. joe

    Jessica has some sexy lips.
    And.. is a certainly a Milf.
    Besides ‘into the blue” and that stripper
    character , been kinda boring.
    I’m not into her that much anymore. she
    was hotter circa – the “Dark angel” days.
    Definitely hit it though… like 2 or 25 times.

  4. saphire

    I think she look healthy . She is not ugly and not because she has a daughter doesn’t mean that she is less atractive..please…

  5. saphire

    I think that Jessica Alba should not pay attention to those negative comments cause at the end of the day she”s rich and she could do anything to inprove her be it….

  6. Mel

    She’s trying to hard in this pic… she’s not sexy, she’s ANGRY!!! She may be pretty at most times, but come on now,,, its HOLLYWOOD!!! They get the best of the best… Botox, trainers, the best makeup artist… You think there going to let her walk out the door looking tore up… Jess smile for once,,, your life isn’t THAT bad!!!

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