1. kevin

    sexiest ass in the world

  2. Rick's Daddy

    LOL, you obviously haven’t seen MANY asses.

  3. fred

    Some one commented earlier best ass in the world. I think they really meant mmm nice to see the ass of some one quite familiar internatonally from the film industry who you could take to meet your mum. lol


    THATS an ass! not too big, not too small… GOD DAMN the things I would do…

  5. Marcos

    Such an average ass, i mean i like tight and not to huge but this one isn’t even shaped properly. If we didn’t know who she was we wouldn’t think it was anything special. She is the most overrated chick ever, it is official.

    • Rick's Daddy

      ^agree. Some white girls have round asses, Fergie and Jessica Biel come to mind. This shit in this pic is lame as fuck.

  6. Rick's Daddy

    Yawn. White boys love that flat shit. LMAO!! Looks like Betty White’s ass.

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