1. Mal Gusto

    I love that fat vein in her right boob!!!

  2. emuchic

    she looks wonderful! lush, and glowy, and wonderful in her bikini. And by the way, Jessica Alba’s pregnant body trumps 99% of all the non-pregnant bodies out there!

  3. bassackwards

    Pregnant again!!! Hey, I’m ALL FOR IT! Anything that keeps this dumb cunt outta pictures, off television, and except for here, out of the media, is a GREAT thing.
    Sure, she’s cute, got a good body, all the “superficial” things, problem with her is she’s just a dumb cunt who doesn’t know shit, and keeps opening that cock-sucking hole to speak, when she should only be opening it to suck cock.
    She’s Joe Biden with big tits, a sloppy cunt, and a punished asshole.

    • You sicko should not be commenting on any blog. Idiots like you should be locked up in prison for being so disrespectful to women. Just because you can’t get any, shut the hell up. Your user name suits you, you got your a– on backwards and your sitting on your brain (if you got any). Have respect for pregnant women. It’s unfortunate your “mother” carried you to full term, should have aborted you. Lord knows she didn’t raise you right. This world does not need the likes of you.

  4. fuck his wife

    boooorrrriiinnngggg! fucking jubba the hut . either show us breastfeeding or birthing pics

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