1. Rambone

    That kid is going to have a very confused sex life.

  2. j/k

    Jessica Alba in a bikini blowing sounds so much sexier than it is.

  3. George P Burdell

    This is a Photoshop opportunity.

  4. mike

    meh nothing special.

  5. No ass. No, thank you.

  6. Smapdi

    As if the kid’s Oedipal complex wasn’t going to bad enough already . . .

  7. alex

    Blow baby blow!

  8. vgrly

    Her daughter has an unfortunate face. Too bad for the father’s genes.

  9. Emma Watson's Vagina

    well Jessica is a very good mother. showing her daughter how to fellate an inflatable pillow.

  10. “Mommy, why is my floatie-toy smiling?”

  11. Backdoor Ninja

    Sadly, that kid is gonna grow up hating her father for that forehead.

  12. Robot Warfare

    Pay attention sweety! You’ll need to know this later if you want to make it in Hollywood.

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