1. James Deen's Peen

    Does ANYONE care that she is a horrible fucking actress?

  2. anonym

    nope. I don’t care that she sucks as an actress.

    but this is totally doing nothing for my dick.

  3. Happy_Evil_Dude

    No, no Jessica, it’s the guy in front of you who has to bend down!

  4. Grandpa Alba

    Don’t worry about us. Whip out the girls for the right role. Or the wrong role.

  5. Yeah...ok

    She was topless in the movie The Sleeping Dictionary

  6. The Mako

    No role would’ve been elevated by nudity? Yeah, nobody expects a stripper to actually STRIP. Especially not in a place called “Sin City”. What next? They’ll want people playing cowboys to ride horses, and people playing cops to have badges and guns! Hey man, don’t crowd my acting mojo…I’ll just, y’know, ACT like I’m a stripper and people will just get it, without any actual stripping.,,even though I suck as an actress…

    Jessica Biel’s stripper movie may have sucked, but at least her character did her f*cking job!!

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