1. Cock Dr

    The “fashions” displayed in this photo give gays & lesbians a bad name.
    She looks like a paint factory struck by lightning.

  2. stinky mcpoop

    Poor Jesse. He should have read the disclaimer tattooed on the back of her head.

  3. sasha

    Who is this guy?

  4. kakapoopoopeepeeshire

    WTF is she wearing?! NASTY feet too!

  5. like her thighs but her face reminds me of some dude i hang with

  6. D-CON

    The Kat is Fat. Look at those jiggly thunder thighs & chubby face.

    Low self esteem = puts out often & indiscriminately.

  7. jsepeta

    i’m not sure i’d fuck her with steven tyler’s dick. or pussy, i can never tell.

  8. BWC

    I’ll erase those tattoos with my potent white-out. Skeet skeet skeet!

  9. Malewhore

    I’ll hit that with the lights off!!!
    But wait… mmmm I would have to stuff her mouth first cause her voice is too deep! Can you imagen her screaming “Yeah fuck me!” with a Vader voice?

  10. hillary

    she doesn’t deserve to wear mcqueen!

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