1. Ghetty Real

    Leopards don’t change spots.

    or in his case – look at him – what you see is what you get.

    If a woman wants this, do him and get out.

    There is not one ounce of longevity in this piece of flesh.

  2. Lpppooooll

    They were destined for each other! Look at that pot belly and tell me the other wouldn’t enjoy taking a piss on it. I’m being distinctly vague so you can draw your own assumptions.

  3. Tuppy

    They aren’t even trying to be anything than walking stereotypes. Why should we give a crap? In twenty years they’ll still be hating themselves, chainsmoking, and drinking swill in a cheap-ass bar somewhere. Then they’ll be trying to hit on trannies at closing time. Nothing will change for them, except their tattoos will get closer to the floor, so lets stop paying attention to them now.

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