1. Hugh Gentry

    with that fruity body he looks like he does gay porn

  2. Uncle Eccoli

    What’s wrong with his STOMACH?!?! It looks like there’s somebody behind him reaching around into his pants!!

  3. This is freaking me out on so many levels I don’t even know where to start…

    Why the fuck is Gabriel Byrne’s head attached to some gym rat’s body, and when did abs start developing into forearms that probably end in hands cupping people’s balls???

  4. mafme

    it looks like there’s a giant ant head in his abdomen eating his lower intestines. Is that horrible photoshopping or is he really some kind of freak?

  5. ara

    his stomach is creepy!

  6. roma

    oh yeah, he’s had a cockmeat sandwich.

  7. blahblahblah

    holy shit what has that man been doing to his poor Obliques!

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