1. Kaywoodie Sucker

    most certainly.

  2. DocJ

    She actually saved my kids life. Because of her I chose to not get my child vaccinated and not only did they not get polio and mumps, but they also didnt get autism. Thats bi-winning baby.

    • edod

      and thats why we may have another measles epidemic, thanks!

    • Intelligence

      For a “doc” you’re rather uneducated in general as to what causes autism and what vaccines are… Yes vaccines are optional, no they don’t cause autism. The reason your “kid” doesn’t have those diseases is because the rest of us are vaccinated making it very rare to have it around in the states. Don’t travel… ever.

  3. SIN

    What? No ass shot?

  4. Honest Abe

    SOO freaking hot!! Thank you for not giving up and getting fat like other ex-playmates. You mentioned “Hitler”, … makes me wonder what kind of shave job she has going on down below!!

  5. Hugh Hefner

    maybe I shoulda held on to her for a little while longer….

  6. Codot

    I like her Adam’s Apple.

  7. forge

    Wow, look at the ti- oh it’s that anti-vac a-hole b*tch, never mind.

  8. forge

    Hey Doc, not only is there NO correlation between vaccination and autism, but correlation does not imply causation in the first place!! And by choosing not to vaccinate your children because of a MYTH that the now-defrocked MD who originally published it says “oh, sorry, I made all that crap up,” you’re now contributing to the return of horrific infectious diseases like diptheria and whooping cough! You GO BABY.

  9. pooSTAR

    I hear drinking the milk out of those expired fake tits makes you autistic.

  10. tim


  11. GuinnessWidget

    lol disease

  12. Elle Diabla

    I’m more interested in the info on the brunette behind her!

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