1. Joe

    She needs an immunization against cellulite.

  2. TGNY

    should have gotten a boob and an ass job

  3. Mitch

    That’s just disgusting. If your ass and legs look like that you shouldn’t be flaunting it on the beach. Jim Carrey is luck to have walked on that has been.

  4. For a second I thought this was Granny ffrom the Beverly Hillbillies.

  5. She needs to turn back around. The front looks 500x better than the back view.

    • TomFrank

      I’m thinking she could stock an episode of Let’s Make a Deal all by herself. From the front, she’s the new car behind Door #1; then she can run to Door #2, turn around, and be the goat.

  6. I Stink

    oh yeah, there’s my mom, I couldn’t tell from the front.

  7. Boo

    Yes please pose from the front as the back is looking like a train wreck! Get back to the gym!

  8. Sue

    Seriously, I’m guessing that most of the women posting here about the celulite look way worse than she does. And the guys that are posting about her backside – you’re probably having to have sex with a woman that would make a billy goat puke.

  9. sochicago

    A far cry from 1994″Playmate of the Year”

  10. BenDoverman

    She looks like she dropped a brownie in her trousy

  11. LOLZ

    None of you fuck-wads would never get a girl as hot as Jenny McCarthy, so you all need to shut your fucking mouths about how her body looks and go fuck that blow-up doll that your mom bought your loser ass for Christmas…kapeesh?

    • dicklint1981

      Learn to spell capice, douche-face.
      Also, did you happen to notice the name of this site is… gasp… the SUPERFICIAL?


    Saline is perfectly safe; not like mercury!

  13. lina

    she has gained about 20lbs since she was dating jim carey.

    when a woman says shes getting her implants removed, they usually mean REPLACED w. smaller implants. Like Pam Anderson did 10 -15years ago. they may pretend like theyre natural afterwards but theyre not. point being, she do es have the same implants she had with carrey, but the 20lb weight gain added to their volume

  14. Me

    NO BUENO!!!

  15. Amir

    No thank you.

  16. fandy

    she’s like a mullett….looks good from the front, but a mess from the back.

  17. jennisbacksidemademebarf

    the SECOND i saw this pic I BARFED, LITERALLY,
    i tried uploading a pic of my barf and this pic in the same shot but they wouldnt let me upload it here. lol freaking disgusting man, screw you jenni MC nasty!!

  18. amir

    Typical for one of those ‘want to be hot’, ‘inject myself with plastic’, sub-standard women.

  19. RichPort

    I’ll bet I’d never see any cellulite when looking down at the top of her head…

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