1. Yes….yes I would….many times…

  2. ktulu

    hate her face but those tits are aging well

  3. Chinto

    Funny how this is the only image where she looks tan. Ah, photoshop…you fooled me again.

    • Grinder

      Yes, this image is photoshopped … and the rest of the photos show the flaws – especially with her … less than stunning face!!!

  4. Curious Troll

    She looks like a cheap stripper aside from being retarded and killing babies.

  5. vader

    skeet all on those big tits

  6. Joe Mahma

    I see someone is using the old cellulite filter again.

  7. lawn

    Such nice tits, too. Pity they aren’t brains.
    (With apologies to Mr. Blofeld)

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