1. Yeah, this guy is Tony Baloney, he’s gettin’ ready to introduce her to his pal Johnny Salami.

  2. WTF, they have his and hers calf melanomas or what?!

  3. Cock Dr

    Should have stayed with crazy Jim.

  4. Mike "Two Times" Walker

    Hey Tony, nice two- pack. Nice two pack.

  5. GuidotheRed

    His nipples are at full derp.

  6. What a retard

    Yo, yo, yo, Vinnie. How’s you doin’? Fuggitaboutit!

  7. barbosa

    that swimsuit top is padded to the nines

  8. anonym

    so this guy has money, right?

    there’s no other reason a girl would be with him.

  9. I love how she just eliminated the middle-man and decided to start dating her coke dealer. We’ve misjudged you Miss McCarthy.

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