1. The stay-at-home Untermenschen who watch “The View” found this gasbag so uninterested that they had her ousted from that abomination of a show. Yet they are collectively smarter than the morons who run Sirius XM (the same guys that fired Anthony Cumia but retain the services of Hoo-Hoo Stern) as they’ve given this mindless dolt a platform to be “edgy.” Ant’s firing was bad enough. Her hire seals the deal. Goodbye Satellite Radio…

    • butthurt O&A fans are priceless. why didn’t the ‘O&A Army’ go and protest? all two of them were busy I guess. don’t get me wrong, Howard has sucked for a long while now, but on his worst day he’s still funnier than those two (one) assclowns.

  2. I didn’t know Jenny-off-her-block had a radio show. Now I just don’t care.

  3. donkeylicks

    “I know, right? All of these Ebola conspiracy stories going around… Like, use your imagination or something.”

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