1. Stewie Griffin

    This broad needs to get over herself and people need to keep in mind that when a woman works out as much as she does their clit begins to look like a penis.

  2. Mia

    I love that fact that she is so enthralled with herself, that she forgets that she is showing us ALL those scars!! I’ve seen booty-implant scars and obvious breast augmentation surgery scars. I have seen photos of her as a teenager, she’s worked on that busted face too-even though it is still busted. BTW where is this husband and these children to whom she’s devoted too? There are never anywhere to been seen. Seems she’s more devoted to “JNL” than she is to her “KINGS” (what she calls her hubby and sons)!

    • Squiggy

      You’re right, Mia, if only she could have an honest, dedicated husband who commands respect like Courtney Stodden. bwahahah Sorry, i couldn’t keep a straight face.

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